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Cooling Systems

    The function of the cooling system is to keep the temperature of your engine at a safe level. As your vehicle runs, it generates a great amount of heat, if this heat continues to rise; it will cause severe damage to your engine. 

    The cooling system is composed of a water pump, thermostat, radiator, heater core, numerous hoses and coolant reservoir. The coolant, which consists of antifreeze and water, runs throughout the cooling system. With time, this coolant can become acidic and contaminated. Once this happens, it can ruin the water pump, engine block, radiator, heater core and hoses. It can also damage the head gasket. Most manufacturers recommend service every 50,000km or every two years, which ever comes first.

Air Conditioning

    Over time, air conditioning systems may develop leaks and condensation. Together, these can reduce cooling and damage the A/C compressor.

    Regular service can prevent this type of damage from occurring. Most manufactures recommend air condition service every year or 20,000km.

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